Beach Access Mat (Folly Beach, South Carolina)

Beach Access Mat (Folly Beach, South Carolina)

Beach Access mat

Folly Beach, South Carolina

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Grass and Ground

Distributor | General Recreation, Inc.

Location | Folly Beach, South Carolina

With an active beach community Folly Beach, South Carolina is an expanding destination with pristine ocean front communities. With a conscious effort to protect the vegetated beach buffer zones the city of Folly Beach is constantly monitoring and improving the way people access the beach. In creating the designated access points there is a constant need for trail/access point maintenance to allow for a firm surface for wheelchairs, strollers and walking. A constant problem is the dunes formed in these areas by migrating sand limiting the use and effectiveness of boardwalk structures and permanent applications. Folly beach was in search of a low maintenance temporary access product to better serve their communities.